TP-Link Archer T5E AC1200 Bluetooth Connection Issues

Avi Parshan
2 min readMar 16, 2023


I have reached out to TP-Link for a response and will update this post if they reply.

My Email:


I am trying to diagnose several issues I have had with this device for the past several months. I thought it was an issue with the intel chip on the device but I am no longer sure.

The Wi-Fi connection works great, I plugged in the adapter to the front USB connector and it was working for the most part for a while.

Here are the major issues I have encountered

When the computer goes to sleep, and then I wake it up… the bluetooth driver enters into this state:

Temporary fix is for me to “uninstall it and then scan for device changes”. This works till the next time I put the computer to sleep

- or running the windows bluetooth troubleshooter

I tried many different troubleshooting methods including a fresh install of the driver which doesn’t solve the problem

- in addition to changing the LogOn to local account for the Bluetooth Service in services.msc

Only previously paired (and not uninstalled devices) will connect via bluetooth. anything else I try results in this:

either it just falls off the list or just says try again later

This is what shows up in the Event Viewer:

Same device appears multiple times in Device manager

This is a sample of one device (surprisingly the galaxy buds actually work fine over bluetooth to the computer)

This is a view of the registry editor:

And this is the Advanced Bluetooth Settings Panel

Computer Specs:

AMD B550 Gigabyte Elite Motherboard

Ryzen 7 3700X

Windows 10 Home 64 bit