Is it worth writing for The Medium Partner Program?

As an indie developer, it is hard to get the word out for a new app. This is because I am a 1 person team: designing, coding, testing, publishing, and managing social media accounts.

I decided to post some articles about problems that I face as an Android Developer, such as “Protecting your Android App against Reverse Engineering and Tampering” . I decided to include this article in the partner program, because it can get more exposure (such as in Medium’s E-mails and on the front page of the site). Not because, you can earn revenue based on views.

As you can tell, the article hasn’t made much money.

Even though it was featured on this telegram channel, with nearly 10k subscribers as well as on twitter and reddit.

In hindsight, If I didn’t enroll this story in the Partnership Program, the article may have reached many more people and been more successful. Usually, when you click on an article (and aren’t a medium paid subscriber) these stories count towards a free monthly quota (5 stories). Once the quota is passed, they put up a paywall and you can’t read paid stories anymore till the end of the month.

This is something that writers need to consider before turning that switch on.

To answer the question that I posed in this article: in my opinion, it is not worth enrolling a story in this program as it limits the reach and impact of your story. Only a small percent of stories within this program actually get picked up and promoted by Medium themselves. Anything that isn’t picked up, is limited in it’s reach and will only earn you a few cents.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this matter, as this article only reflects my own.




Android Developer behind unitMeasure.

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Avi Parshan

Avi Parshan

Android Developer behind unitMeasure.

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