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  • Vincent Mühler

    Vincent Mühler

    Bringing OpenCV to JavaScript https://github.com/justadudewhohacks/opencv4nodejs

  • Oz Radiano

    Oz Radiano

    I write on things that fascinate me. I love products, I love simplicity and I am a Product manager.

  • Divyansh Dwivedi

    Divyansh Dwivedi

    Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Coffee😎

  • Canva Engineering

    Canva Engineering

  • Martin Davtyan

    Martin Davtyan

    Data Scientist. NLP, IR, CompLing.

  • Tim Carry

    Tim Carry

    Developer Advocate at @Algolia. Web craftsman and vim user. #HumanTalksParis and #TechLunch organizer.

  • Jakub Komorowski

    Jakub Komorowski

    Android Programmer by day and musician by night.

  • Robert Levonyan

    Robert Levonyan

    Senior Android Developer @Picsart. Find my projects here: https://robertlevonyan.com

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