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  • Blake Lemoine

    Blake Lemoine

    I'm a software engineer. I'm a priest. I'm a father. I'm a veteran. I'm an ex-convict. I'm an AI researcher. I'm a cajun. I'm whatever I need to be next.

  • Chris Staudinger

    Chris Staudinger

    Software Engineer | Co-Founder of Staud Academy πŸ’» | Growth hacker πŸ“ˆ | twitter.com/chrisstaud 🐦 | Free DS & Algs Handbook πŸ‘‰ bit.ly/ds-algs-handbook πŸ’‘

  • Nishant Nikhil

    Nishant Nikhil

    Learner | Applied Scientist @amazonIN | prev @IITKGP @GSoC @eccvconf EMNLP’18

  • Victoria Lo

    Victoria Lo

    A nerd in books, tea and programming. I publish weekly on my personal blog: https://lo-victoria.com/

  • Andrey Zhulidin

    Andrey Zhulidin

    Head of Product & UX at Genesis https://twitter.com/a_zhulidin

  • Taylor J. Young

    Taylor J. Young

    Data Driven Investor- Contributor, Coding Bootcamp Student

  • Vivek Karthikeyan

    Vivek Karthikeyan

    Product Designer @ Zoho

  • Megan Kelly

    Megan Kelly

    Working in the UX game, loving Start-Up stories & always looking for a laugh!

  • Peng Jiang

    Peng Jiang

    Work @FB on #Android

  • Halil Γ–zel

    Halil Γ–zel

    Android Developer πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

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