Update: There is a site to do all the hard work for you — https://www.aviparshan.com/israeldeals/freeshipping.html?utm_source=medpost

It’s in beta, so let us know if there are issues.

עדכון: יש אתר שעושה את כל העבודה בשבילכם —


. תדיג לנו אם יש בעיות

Here is how to filter by only the…

We would love to start off this article with some tips that we have accumulated over time and after shopping frequently ourselves.

1. We would recommend avoiding the purchase of drones from abroad due to issues with the ministry of communications and delayed import… It’s possible to import still, but requires bureaucracy and most likely will result in delays.

2. When ordering electronics online, please make sure it supports 220 volts. In…

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